“Charlie Smith has been a remarkable asset to Fairfield University and Stags Athletics. He has delivered multiple workshops on mental performance to our entire student-athlete population while also working directly with several of our teams and on an individual basis with many athletes. The consistent feedback and response from our student-athletes and coaches has been remarkable. I truly admire Charlie’s passion for, and vested interest in, the University and our Athletics program. His authenticity, his positive energy and his selfless approach have had a dramatic impact on our student-athletes. Charlie has effectively demonstrated the ability to share mental performance strategies in in a way that is understandable, relatable, and practical to process and implement. What makes him special is that he engages actively with our student-athletes throughout his presentations. They are not just informative, but interactive and engaging in a way that holds their attention. Charlie’s programs have continued to improve the well-being, and thus the performance, of our athletes and programs in a very meaningful way. We are grateful to have one of our own sharing his powerful message and empowering our athletes to own the pen to write their “Stags story” and their life story.“


Paul Schlickmann

Director of Athletics, Fairfield University

“Being a student athlete comes with its many struggles and challenges. I often found myself struggling on how to deal with them. When I went to Charlie Smiths event I was not prepared for what I was about to hear. The value of what he spoke and what he taught me was remarkable. I was taken back because what he was saying was what I had been needing to hear for years. I learned so much on how to deal with what was going on inside my head, how that affected my everyday life and ways to change it. It was so real and so powerful. It was truly inspirational and had a lasting impact on me as well as my teammates. We immediately asked for another session with him! His presentation and delivery was one that I will not forget!”


Sam Lewis, Women’s Basketball

“When Charlie came to talk to our athletic department I loved the energy he brought to his presentation. People always underestimate the mental aspect of sports and more importantly life. Hearing him speak on the mental aspect allowed me rethink how I do some things in my life. I loved his talk and won’t forget some of the wise things he said for a long time.”


Max Paparozzi, Lacrosse Player

“Charlie’s speech and presentation had a great impact on my perspective. He made me understand the importance of mental health and mental strength in sports. He made me realize that self-talk and visualization are essential to mentally prepare for a practice, a game, or any type of event. Charlie made me work on my self-confidence and showed me that training my mind will help me in the future. He is the perfect example of how we need to be grateful for what we have in life and not take anything for granted. “My Life, My Pen” is not only a great quote but also a great metaphor on how one can control their own decisions rather than being persuaded by others’ opinions.”


Lou Lopez, Dallas Wings WNBA

Women’s Basketball UCONN and MACC 2022 Player of The Year


“I just wanted to tell you how much your talk yesterday helped me and really gave me a whole new perspective on my life and what I need to do to make myself a happier person and better athlete. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with school, lacrosse and life. I never thought much about mental health. I just always thought that my physical health would take me places. God put me in that room yesterday. Today was a great day thanks to you.”


Eva Petrone, Lacrosse Player

“You always deliver powerful messages really well. Cannot explain my gratitude enough. It’s hard to get important life lessons at my age but you and our administration make that possible and convenient. Keep doing what you do you do it well!”


Matt Bergevin, Mens Baseball

“Personally, I loved Charlie’s speech and everything he shared with the athelets atFairfield University. He story was truly empowering and continues to motivate meto be my best self each and every day. I’ve never taken so much back with me when it comes to listening to a speaker and I am so glad he was able to share his storywith all. of us.”


Laina Campos, Womens Tennis

“Charlie’s speech was so empowering for me, realizing that I am in control of my life and I write my own story. I learned to turn the negativity in my life into positive thinking. What you are given in life isn’t your destiny, it is what you want it to be.”


Lily Allen, Lacrosse Player

“The men’s and women’s cross country program here at Fairfield wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the speeches you’ve gave this year. All the messages that you talk about–My Life, My Pen and how to control your mindset – help keep us positive. They keep us focus when we’re off-season and boost our confidence and motivation when we’re in season! Can’t wait to see you speak next!!”


Fairfield Cross Country Team