Cultivate optimism. Take control. Charlie Smith will teach you how to harness your inherent resilience.

Today’s workplace experiences more stress than ever before. 83% of employees in this country say they feel some sort of work-related stress. It’s detrimental not only to productivity, but more importantly, your employees’ overall well-being.

Companies invest significantly into new technology, a CRM system or product enhancements without a second thought. Those resources can all sit idle if your employees aren’t equipped with the mindset they need to perform at a high level?

The proper mindset is one of the most critical elements to achieving positive results in business and in life.

Your team’s mindset will determine whether or not they get discouraged and lose focus, or create the energy needed to move forward in a productive and meaningful way.

Mindset can be trained…..… that’s what I do.

Employees, executives, and sales teams face adversity, challenge, and change in their daily lives. These events create unwanted stress, worry, and uncertainty that affects well-being and performance.


Charlie’s program, the 8-Elements of Optimal Performance System, will train your team to give them the tools they need to create a mindset to move through their day in a meaningful and productive way.


Your employees will learn life-changing mental training techniques that will benefit them personally and professionally.


These sessions have an immediate impact in the reduction of overall stress and worry for your team while improving performance, productivity, and fulfillment in people’s daily lives.


Whether it’s in-person or online, Charlie will show your team the way to achieving their true potential.


Don’t wait. Get your team energized, motivated, and ready to help your business grow.


Charlie has combined 30 years of practical business and powerful life experiences, with his comprehensive mental performance strategies to create the 8 Elements of Optimal Performance System. This program is designed to give your organization elite mental performance skills that will give them a competitive advantage. Whether it’s a virtual talk or an in-person appearance, business professionals of any level will walk away feeling energized and ready to drive results.


8 Elements of Optimal Performance System:

  1. Unshakable Self Confidence: -The #1 Variable for Success  
  2. Elite  Mindset:  Create Beliefs that Drive Performance
  3. Self Awareness:  Align What You Want With What You Do
  4. Resilience:  How to Face Adversity and Thrive
  5. Routines & Habits of Excellence:  Behaviors Proceed Results    
  6. Mindfulness and Mental Imagery: Thoughts Become Things
  7. Leadership: Proven Skills to  Lead  – Build Trust, Grow, Get Results
  8. The Right Culture:  Build the right culture by design not default.