Charlie Smith is a highly impactful speaker whose message delivers long-lasting value. As a keynote speaker and Mental Performance Consultant, he has made a significant contribution to me personally and our company over the years. Charlie’s real-life experience with the topics he speaks on creates a deep connection that is rare for a speaker to achieve. His message of owning the pen to our life and creating results with the mental performance strategies he teaches has had a lasting impact on our team.  I can say with great confidence that any organization would benefit from his teachings.


Joe Goodman

Regional Manager, Chicago Title

Charlie is an incredibly generous, thoughtful and motivational leader and speaker.  He has been a priceless leader for our team and added value in every area of our business. Most importantly Charlie has provided each of our team members with tools that make them stronger not just at work, but in their personal lives.  Anyone who gets to know Charlie is much better for the experience, and his insights add incredible lasting personal and business value.  I am incredibly grateful to have Charlie in my life.


Sanford D. Sigal

President and Chief Executive Officer, Newmark Merrill Companies

All I can say is WOW. I am so glad our organization brought in Charlie Smith for optimism training. He will shift your perspective on optimism, address obstacles to cultivating optimism and ultimately help you get out of your own way. Charlie doesn’t just present, he engages. He doesn’t just speak, he inspires. Many presenters just click through slides, but not Charlie, he actually talks to your group and uses real life examples which help drive home his points even further.  If you are thinking about having Charlie train your team, just do it! I can confidently say that our team benefited immensely from his training and are actively implementing what we learned.


Tiffany Davids

Marketing Manager & Community Relations, CSMC Mortgage

Charlie Smith’s approach to a positive, productive mind and methodology for overcoming negative thinking is a real asset for all.  His program had a tremendous effect on not only my approach but also for my staff.  The response from our attendees demonstrated the importance of providing these tools.  I look forward to using reminders from the program in our team meetings.


Ed Kezar

Senior Vice President, Chicago Title

Charlie Smith brought his dynamic training program “Cultivating Optimism” to our team made up of various departments and roles. Not only did all participants rave about the afternoon we spent with Charlie, the impact has continued to evolve weeks later. Charlie really laid out how optimism and performance are linked and how optimism isn’t a static circumstance, but a mindset that can be fostered and expanded. Charlie’s actionable steps for cultivating an optimistic mindset have provided our team with solid practices to build resilience and continue to become more productive.


Danaria McCoy, CRRP

Vice President of Operations and Marketing, NewMark Merrill Mountain States

We recently had Charlie Smith join one of our Leadership Team meetings to discuss “The Art of Being an Optimistic Leader during the Covid Chaos”.   From beginning to end, Charlie had a very strong impact on the team.    He started by letting us in on his own journey through abuse and addiction, the impact that it had on his life and, in the end, how he believes optimism is not just a state of mind but a strategic advantage.  It was incredibly powerful.  The bottom line is that Charlie has an amazing story and shares it in a way that is very human and relatable.  It is a great way to connect with the team during this virtual era and deliver a message of optimism.


Craig Maloney

President, Maestro Health

“Charlie Smith’s mental performance workshop has helped my staff at a level I did not think was possible.  Results are what every owner looks for when choosing a performance coach and that is exactly what we have had since we completed his training.  I would highly recommend his program for any owner wanting to invest in their team.”


Christopher Sutton 



Coast to Coast Financial Solutions

“On behalf of CREW OC, I want to express our sincerest gratitude for your recent presentation. Your message uplifted all those in attendance, me included! I appreciate your authenticity and it deeply resonated with everyone present. The overwhelming positive feedback we’ve received from attendees is a testament to the lasting impact you’ve had on our chapter.  In just 60 minutes, you managed to change the way I see things, and based on the feedback from everyone else, it’s clear that many others share the same sentiment. Thank you for your dedication to empowering and inspiring others! We are truly fortunate to have had you as a speaker, and I look forward to any future opportunities to collaborate.”


Dayna Abdel

Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing


Passco Companies, LLC